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Why would I want my database kept here? (return to top of page)
The biggest advantage of an online database is accessibility. Not only can you maintain your data from any computer with Internet access, you can share a single database with multiple users at the same time. Whether you are a business with several offices or a bride whose future mother-in-law needs to add to a guest list, common access to the data is no problem. Plus, the data is backed up, secure, and instantly available for a mailing at any time.

Who else on the Internet can see my data? (return to top of page)
No one on the Internet can access your data without you giving them the User Name and Password.

I keep my database on my PC in Excel. Can you convert it? (return to top of page)
Existing mailing lists can be quickly converted from Microsoft Excel, Access and Word and loaded directly into your online SeeMyAccount database for your use. Other list formats can be loaded as well.

Is this service free? (return to top of page)
This service costs you absolutely nothing. Our hope is you will also take advantage of the full mailing and letter shop services we have to offer at very reasonable prices.